OTO and LTO Scripts Resale Rights


Hi, friend!

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve tried my one-time offer script out, and you like it. You’ve tried my limited-time offer script out, and you like it too. You’ve experienced the increase in conversions that both scripts give you and you’d like to be able to sell the technology, perhaps to your clients, or generally on the web, as I do.

So, you want to sell them yourself? You’re gonna get the right to sell the scripts. You’re gonna get the raw instruction files so that you can edit them to your liking. I’ll even help you with support issues. (I’ll provide you with unlimited question-and-answer support by email and Skype.) You can also have a scanned copy of a certificate prepared by my hand proving that you have the rights. (You will have the resale rights from the second you purchase this pack. You don’t need the certificate, but I will prepare it for you if you would like it; you might need it to prove to your clients you have the right to distribute the scripts.)

Maybe you set up e-commerce sites for clients? This pack is ideal! You get the right to deliver unlimited licences to it. You could purchase a licence for each client, of course, but this way may be far more cost-effective for you!

I’ve previously sold this pack for $900; today I’m offering it to you for only $499!

I wouldn’t hang around, though. I’m only selling 10 units at this price. When those 10 units are sold, I’ll be pulling this offer from the market, and it will be gone forever!

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The terms for the rights are as follows:

  1. The agreement is non-exclusive and does not prevent me from granting other businesses similar rights;
  2. The payment for the rights is detailed on this webpage and no royalty payments are required or payable;
  3. The resale rights cover the current versions as of this day of the one-time and limited-time offer scripts and any bug fixes that may be made to those versions but they do not cover any future enhancements;
  4. The documentation for the products is provided in original OpenOffice format and Microsoft Word format so that the Licensed Reseller can make changes as necessary and provide its customers with a locked PDF file;
  5. The Licensed Reseller is responsible for providing support as required to its customers but support will be provided by me as detailed directly to the Licensed Reseller;
  6. The right of resale belongs to the Licensed Reseller alone. It cannot be transferred and the Licensed Reseller cannot provide the right of resale to anybody else under this agreement;
  7. The agreement will not terminate unless the Licensed Reseller breaks any of its terms;
  8. The presentation of the countdown may be varied by changing the HTML files included as part of the packages.