The 4-Hour E-Commerce Site Part One

A while ago, I provided paid webinar-based training on how to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress in four hours. The course itself was about eight hours long (but you got the e-commerce system active quickly; there were many bells and whistles provided).

I have uploaded the videos to Youtube and you can now access them for free. WordPress has changed a bit, so I can’t offer these for sale, but they’ll certainly help you get started if you want to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress.

The first two parts of the course are split into 10-minute sub-parts because at the time they were made, it was not possible to upload anything longer than that.

Here are the videos that make up the first part of the course:

The power of discounts in sales

You can really make a difference to your conversion rate if you offer prospects discounts, and the reason is simple.

People like to feel as if they’ve had a good deal. They like to “win” a good deal.

The decision on whether or not to buy a product is not usually made logically; it is, rather, a somewhat emotional process. Prospects like to get a good deal when they buy something; it’s one of the factors that makes them feel good about a purchase.

Discounts are everywhere. You don’t have to look far before you come across them. Look in the local supermarket; you will find buy-one-get-one-free offers; discounts (e.g. was £1.50, now £1.00), and so forth.

Sometimes the discounts are limited to a certain number of sales or to a specific period. It all helps capture those sales!

If I offer you product A which I’m selling for £25, you might buy it. However, if I offer you a discount on product A which I’ve previously sold for £35 but I’m now selling for £25, you’ll be more likely to buy it, simply because it’s a discount – even though the price is the same. See how it works?

Note that laws apply to selling to make the system fairer. For example, in the UK, you can’t just offer a product for five minutes at £50 and then offer it at your £25 “sale” price. The product has to have been offered at the higher price for at least 28 days during the past six months. Other jurisdictions will have their own, similar laws, which as a reputable trader you will not want to disregard.

This is one of several factors that you can use to improve conversion rates. They are all common-sense approaches; you’ve seen them all used before; but unless you think about using them, you won’t necessarily do so.

So think about how you can add a discount to the next product you offer. It may make a huge difference to your bottom line!

Hello world!

24 March 2013. It’s as good a day as any to relaunch my online e-commerce business.

I had problems with my hosting accounts which is why I went offline for a while. Now I’m back! People continued to email me about purchasing some of my products while web sales were offline, so I thought it was worth resurrecting the business.

Please bear with me while I sort out the rough edges!