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The one-time offer script I offer is excellent for increasing conversions and there are situations where its use is ideal, but it does have some shortcomings. If you want to build up a long-term business based on any sort of brand awareness such as your name, it can seem a bit too much like hard-sell sometimes to use one-time offers, leaving customers with a bad taste in their mouths about the way you sold them your product. If you’re giving somebody a demonstration version of a product as an exchange for opting into your list or signing up to your membership site, how are they going to be able to make an informed decision about whether to buy your product without having tried out the demo first? Yet you would still like to increase conversions from these people. What you need for these purposes is a limited-time offer script! This allows you to do the same thing that most businesses do to increase conversions, namely providing a special offer for a limited time; the only difference is that you are personalising the special-offer period to the user that has just visited your site and found out about your offer.

This particular limited-time offer script jumps out at you because of the countdown! Changes attract attention in the human visual system which is why it’s sometimes very difficult for you to find the bunch of keys you put down somewhere but you can easily see a flashing light because it draws attention to itself. For that reason, a countdown will immediately attract attention! The countdown can be displayed wherever you want to display it on the page, and you have full control over the font, the colour, the size, and any other style property.

This script is so powerful, psychologically! I can virtually guarantee that if you have any interest at all in this script, it will be in the back of your mind during the next 30 hours, or until you buy it! Think about your thoughts and see how they are influenced by this offer. Then, just imagine what you could use it for; how much you could increase your conversions.

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There’s no heavy use of Flash code here! The script uses Javascript which virtually everybody has enabled on their browsers, and there is an alternative for non-Javascript owners if you wish to use it.

By the way, the countdown provided by the script is really smooth! I bet you’ve seen some countdown timers that seem to jerk every now and again, and possibly even miss a second! This script is far smoother, yet it only activates itself once per second. A smoother countdown provides for greater legitimacy in the countdown itself.

The script can also be used to inform the customer of the offer expiry time and the current time as expressed by the server’s clock. It can also tell the user what their host name is.

One of the things you need in the Internet business world is your reputation. If you do not hold true to what you say, and you allow people to purchase at a special offer price after the period has expired, people will find out about it and you will lose credibility. That is why this script refreshes the page when the countdown reaches zero, and it also has a means to cloak links, forwarding the browser to the destination only when the special-offer period has not run out. If it has run out, the expired offer page is shown instead.

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Let me just summarise the features of the Limited-Time Offer Script for you:

  • Javascript countdown—A smooth, attention-grabbing Javascript countdown that draws the eye of the visitor and lets them know instantly that they have a specific length of time to decide on your offer.
  • Countdown runs independent of browser display—When the countdown has started, it will automatically continue to run whether or not a browser is showing the page, and without any server load. The script requires no editing of crontabs!
  • Two-way automatic refresh—The page will refresh when the countdown reaches zero. Meta tags are added in the header to ask the browser to refresh the page when the time runs out, just in case Javascript is not available on the customer’s machine.
  • Set whatever period you want—You can set any realistic time period you want for your special offer!
  • Hyperlink protection—Protects against a user following a link on the page if the offer time has run out; the user will be redirected to the offer-expired page if this is the case.
  • Compatible with non-Javascript browsers—Although the countdown won’t be visible, the current time and the offer-expiry time can be shown from the server’s clock if desired.
  • User’s hostname display possible—The user’s hostname can be displayed to give evidence that the user has been tracked.
  • High-quality PDF documentation—Excellent instructions are provided; no awful README.TXT files! I also make suggestions about the best ways in which to use the script.
  • Well-commented PHP script—The script is a PHP script, tested on a server running PHP version 4.4.1, MySQL version 4.1.18-standard, and Apache version 1.3.34. It’s easy to modify if you wish to do so.
  • Your pages can be scripts—Your pages can be PHP scripts, and they will still be processed as such! So if you customise your pages with PHP and make them dynamic, that will work fine with this script. You don’t have to do that; they can be static HTML files if you prefer.

No Quibble Guarantee

Buy the script now, and at any time within the next 30 days, for any reason, you can go ahead and ask me for a refund and it will be provided, no questions asked.

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