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This is an e-commerce site that uses the WordPress platform for content management. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer on request by websites which you can allow or deny as you see fit in accordance with the settings you make with your browser. WordPress uses several cookies as follows:

1. If you login, WordPress stores a cookie that contains your user name and a cookie that contains an encrypted version of your password for two weeks.

2. If you comment on the site, the name, email address and URL that you enter will be stored as cookies for one year.

3. The bar that tells you about cookies will set a cookie itself if you click on the Accept button. That cookie will last for one year.

We also use cookies for tracking purposes by making use of the Google Analytics service. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera, you can opt out of Google Analytics by installing a browser add-on as detailed here*.

We also use cookies and similar technologies for tracking purposes to enable us to provide you with special offers that could not be provided otherwise.

You can delete cookies by following the comprehensive advice given here:

How to Delete Cookies*

You can also stop your browser from allowing cookies to be set. Doing so may limit the functions provided by this website and/or stop it working properly. It also may limit your ability to receive special offers from us.

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